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Welcome to the Shared Practices Podcast


Jan 13, 2020

Successful practice owner (and legendary delegator) Dr. Paul Etchison joins us today. With a seemingly unending stream of valuable thoughts, he teaches us how he built a healthy culture, why he delegates almost everything, and why you should put down your hand piece and lead.



Dr. Richard Low kicks off Season 5 of Shared Practices with a new format! We'll spend Season 5 exploring Leadership, Culture, and Change through the lens of both ownership and pre-ownership:

Shared Practices
Dr. Richard Low returns, hosting weekly deep dives on a single topic. This is the staple of Shared Practices, and listeners include current practice owners everywhere.

The Pursuit of Ownership
Hosted by rapidly-advancing, just-angsty-enough interns Tyler, Aaron, and Clay; this segment serves the modern-day, discerning pre-owner. Students and graduates working toward practice ownership are sure to enjoy.

Practice Under Water
Fearless exploration of real problems with real practices. Cohosts Dr. George Hariri and Dr. Matt Guarino use meaningful metrics and tailored coaching to help our anonymized guests stay afloat. 'Profitable, simple, and sustainable' is the name of the game.